Are We Related?

Using Family Tree DNA's Family Finder service and other methods, I've discovered many previously unknown people who are my 3rd to 5th cousins. Although the DNA match says we're definitely related within the past few generations, finding out exactly where that relationship exists requires comparing our family trees to identify a shared common ancestor. Do any of the names on the lists below also appear in your family tree? If so, we're cousins!

1st Great-Grandparents

A common ancestor on this list means we are 2nd cousins

Bell, Leslie Roye 13 DEC 1876JUL 1922 Manlius NY, St. Lawrence County NY
Browne, Edward Cox 20 APR 18531911 Putnamville MA, Salem MA
Chamberlin, Carey Wiard 19 JUN 185723 AUG 1932 Geneva and Painesville OH, Beverly MA
Crosby, Alice Virginia 7 JUL 1876AFT. 1940 Columbus PA
Crowninshield, Charlotte Chapin (Nana) 10 MAY 186824 MAY 1967 Salem, Cambridge, and Dedham MA, Belfast ME
Rogers, Harriette Anna (Nano Hattie) 7 MAY 185619 SEP 1933 Painesville OH, Beverly MA
Sandburg, Amil Oscar (Emil Amel) 5 MAY 187520 DEC 1944 Columbus, Corry, and Spring Creek PA
Wiltfong, Ethel Inez 187311 APR 1946 Indiana, White Plains and Manlius NY

2nd Great-Grandparents

A common ancestor on this list means we are 3rd cousins

Bell, George Martin 16 AUG 1850NOV 1923 De Peyster, St. Lawrence County, Manlius, and Henvelton NY
Browne, Albert Gallatin 8 DEC 18059 OCT 1885 Salem MA
Chamberlin, Isaac Cyrus 1 FEB 182816 MAY 1907 Rothwell England, Geneva OH
Cox, Sarah Smith 27 NOV 181028 OCT 1885
Crosby, Stephen Lee 18 APR 18506 JUL 1927 Columbus and Warren PA
Crowninshield, Edward II 18406 FEB 1883 Salem and Westwood MA, Exeter NH, Belfast ME
Drake, Sarah Mandeville 15 JAN 18181900 Genoa NY
Felton, Rebecca Briggs 18421915 Salem MA
Garlick, Emma Jennie 1855JUN 1909 Manlius NY
Ladd, Sarah Josephine 13 JAN 1855AFT. 1935 Corry PA
Rogers, Artemas 21 AUG 181317 JAN 1882 Greenwich NY
Sandberg, Sven (Swancy Swansea, Swanson, Sven, Sven Magnus) 21 NOV 1834AFT. 1912 Sweden, Columbus PA
Unknown, Maja (Maria C Karin, Maja Cathrina) 13 NOV 1836AFT. 1912 Sweden, Columbus PA
Wade, Sarah Elizabeth ABT. 185014 OCT 1929 Ohio, Plymouth IN
Wiard, Laura 28 NOV 18293 FEB 1876 Geneva OH
Wiltfong, John William 11 SEP 18451916 La Porte County and Plymouth, Indiana

3rd Great-Grandparents

A common ancestor on this list means we are 4th cousins

Bell, Bela Jr. 24 NOV 181019 MAY 1890 Potton Township Quebec, Oswegatchie and St. Lawrence County NY
Bollard, Elizabeth 18 NOV 179719 DEC 1882 Harrington England, Geneva OH
Boyd, Sarah ABT. 1821Ohio
Browne, James BET. 12 MAY - SEP 175813 MAY 1827 Salem MA
Bunnell, Anna H. 22 JAN 179116 JUN 1869 Burlington CT, Geneva OH
Bush, Sally Lucretia 15 MAR 181617 OCT 1877
Chamberlain, David 14 APR 180121 DEC 1829 Overstone England, Rothwell England
Chapman, Elizabeth 17981853
Cobbs, Lydia 6 NOV 18263 APR 1898 Ohio
Cox, Benjamin 17791863 Salem MA
Crosby, Stephen 18121883 New York
Crowninshield, John Oliver Browne 18181890 Marblehead MA
Drake, Elijah 8 MAR 177219 MAR 1847 Sing Sing NY, Clarkson NY
E., Mary ABT. 183214 NOV 1879 Clifton and Potsdam NY
Egleston, Lydia 5 APR 178517 NOV 1824 Greenwich NY
Felton, John Alvin (Juan Alva Felton) Died BEF. 1868 Spain, Manila, Philipines, Marblehead MA
Garlick, William ABT. 183027 OCT 1907 Sheffield England, Potsdam NY
Goldsmith, Ann Dove ABT. 18121885
Hooker, Deborah Ann 5 JUL 177916 JAN 1866 Poultney VT, Painesville OH, New York
Hostetler, Elizabeth 2 JUN 182411 JUN 1908 Somerset County PA, Marshall County IN
Ladd, Joshua 7 JAN 181721 NOV 1890 Virginia, Columbiana County OH
Martin, Abby P. 9 OCT 181821 JAN 1891 Montreal Canada, Long Island and St. Lawrence County NY
Rogers, Samuel 31 AUG 177919 JAN 1846 Greenwich NY
Sandberg, Unknown EST. 1810
Smith, Sarah 17851873
Unknown, Unknown EST. 1812
Vincent, Lydia 27 DEC 177227 JUN 1853
Wade, William ABT. 1820Ohio
Wiard, Lemuel 21 APR 178813 MAY 1869 Berlin CT, Geneva OH
Wiltfong, Noah 2 FEB 182428 APR 1895 Miami County OH, Marshall County IN

4th Great-Grandparents

A common ancestor on this list means we are 5th cousins

Aborn, Mary 17871830
Bash, Mary EST. 1796Pennsylvania
Bell, Bela 177422 APR 1854 New Hampshire, Potton Township Quebec, De Peyster, Heuvelton, and St. Lawrence County NY
Bollard, Richard 17641836 Harrington England
Brown, Sarah 1782ABT. 1855
Browne, William 27 OCT 17343 SEP 1812 Salem MA
Bush, Joshua 9 DEC 178912 SEP 1883
Carpenter, Lydia EST. 1761
Chamberlain, John BET. 1766 - 177623 MAR 1845 Northamptionshire County England, Rothwell England
Chapman, Stephen 1776England, Marblehead MA
Cobbs, Lindsey 3 MAR 180421 AUG 1875
Cox, Benjamin 1733SEP 1778 Martinique, Salem MA
Crew, Elizabeth 14 MAR 177520 APR 1850 Virginia
Crowninshield, Edward 17671843 Marblehead MA
Drake, Samuel 20 APR 17301794
Eden, Sarah 17591830
Egleston, Asa EST. 1761
Fes, Catherine 1780BEF. 1859 North Carolina
Gilman, Priscilla 177617 NOV 1861 New Hampshire, St. Lawrence County NY, Potton Township Quebec
Goldsmith, Nathaniel 17811817 Marblehead MA
Hooker, William 17291815 Woodbury CT, Greenville NY
Hostetler, Joseph 17701841 Berks City PA, New Hamburg Ontario Canada
Hotchkin, Alice Died 4 MAY 1842 Rothwell England
Howe, Eunice B. 11 SEP 17927 MAY 1864 Northfield and Litchfield CT, Waukau Winnebago WI
Ingersol, Lovicy 6 JUN 179217 MAR 1869
Kilby, Elizabeth 17641845
Ladd, Samuel ABT. 177218 OCT 1826 Virginia
Martin, Cyrus B. 10 AUG 179210 JAN 1861 Number Four Lewis County NY, Fond du Lac WI
Nowell, Lydia 1745
Rogers, James ABT. 174420 SEP 1793 Albany, Greenwich Washington County NY
Roundey, Joanna 1779
Smith, Edward 1759Salem MA
Tefft, Mercy EST. 1755
Unknown, Olive EST. 1754
Unknown, Rebeckah 4 MAR 1728/2913 MAY 1772 Peekskill NY
Very, Elizabeth 17471803
Vincent, Joseph 17351832 Kittery ME, Salem MA
Wade, William EST. 1796Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky
White, Mercy 28 AUG 173211 JUL 1785
Wiard, Lemuel 14 FEB 17546 NOV 1801 Farmington CT
Wiltfong, Michael 12 OCT 178419 MAY 1864 North Carolina, Marshall County IN
Woolman, Anna 21 MAR 180615 APR 1891
Woseley, Mary Died 1833 Genoa, Cayuga County NY
Yoder, Maria EST. 1800

5th Great-Grandparents

A common ancestor on this list means we are 6th cousins

Aborn, James 1759Marblehead MA
Antrim, Martha 26 SEP 1774
Barroning, Anna EST. 1731
Bell, William 1745ABT. 1816 Shefford Quebec, Arlburg, VT
Bickford, Elizabeth 1726
Blank, Anna 1740BEF. 1806 Switzerland, Berks City PA
Brown, John 17601826 Marblehead MA
Browne, William 1710Salem MA
Burghardt, Hannah 17541823
Bush, Jonathan 2 MAR 1746/4723 FEB 1816 Enfield CT, Chenango County NY
Carr, Mary 1717Newbury MA
Chapman, Stephen 1727Marblehead MA
Cillote, Desire MAY 1704
Cox, Francis 1719
Crowninshield, William ABT. 17341820 Marblehead MA
Curtis, Abigail 1695Stratford CT
Daland, Mary 1714
Dove, Hannah Died 1810
Eden, Thomas ABT. 17201768
Egleston, Isaac EST. 1731
Follett, Frances 1702
Frost, Mary 171311 APR 1794
Gale, Elizabeth EST. 1752
Goldsmith, Nathaniel 17551795 Marblehead MA
Gould, Lucy 1749Topsfield MA
Hochstetler, Joseph AUG 17421812 Berks City and Mifflin City PA
Hooker, Hezekiah 16881756 Farmington and Woodbury CT
Ingersoll, Oliver 10 DEC 17521826 Great Barrington MA, Chenango County NY
Killan, Patience 30 SEP 175012 JAN 1828 Guilford and Chenango County NY
Kingsbury, Abigail ABT. 1750
Ladd, Jesse ABT. 173021 JUN 1810 Virginia
Nowell, Zechariah 17041752 Newbury MA
Oliver, Sarah 17631847
Orne, Elizabeth 1743
Plumb, Thankful 29 NOV 1730Wallingford CT
Rogers, James Rev. EST. 1720
Roundey, Joseph 1747
Shuford, Catherine Elizabeth 20 DEC 17677 JUN 1816 South Carolina, Canada
Smith, Edward EST. 1735Salem MA
Thompson, Jane 17351771
Tracey, Deborah EST. 1725Norwich CT
Very, Jonathan Jr. 1721APR 1803 Peabody & Salem MA
Vickery, Elizabeth EST. 1755Marblehead MA
Vincent, Matthew EST. 1711Florence Italy, Kittery ME, Salem MA
Wade, Unknown EST. 1766Turkey
West, Mary EST. 1735
White, John EST. 1708
Whitfield, Margaret EST. 1748
Wiard, Elisha 17311813 Wethersfield and Stonington CT
Wiltfong, George Michael ABT. 17553 NOV 1818 Virginia, Rowan County NC
Woolman, Abner 5 JUL 1773Mansfield and Burlington County NJ
Woseley, Increase EST. 1725Norwich CT

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