William Crowninshield
Born ABT. 1734 Marblehead MA
Died 1820

Clifford Crowninshield
10 DEC 16994 APR 1776
Elizabeth Diamond
EST. 1710

Jane Thompson

Children with Jane Thompson
Edward Crowninshield

Other Facts
Residence Marblehead MA
Occupation Soldier at Quebec

An illegitimate son of Clifford Crowninshield. Bob Booth, a Salem historian, provided this anecdote:

On 9 Sept 1804 in his diary, Rev. Wm Bentley noted the death of Elizabeth "Diman" (sic) (Dimond, Diamond), 89, who had a sister Margaret (Dimond) Swasey, then in her 98th year. Bentley reports that Elizabeth had a child by Clifford Crowninshield, brother of John who was father of George (who with his sons founded the merchant firm). "This child lived at Marblehead by the name of Wm Diman till he was persuaded to take the name of Crowninshield. He went with Col. Glover into the American service, married, and has posterity. His wife was bad and has been in our goal (jail)."