Sven Sandberg
Also Known As Swancy Swansea, Swanson, Sven, Sven Magnus
Born 21 NOV 1834 Sweden S18207
Died AFT. 1912 Columbus, PA

Unknown Sandberg
EST. 1810

Maja Unknown
13 NOV 1836AFT. 1912
Married 1862 Alskede Church, Skede, Jönköping Län Småland, Sweden S17993

Children with Maja Unknown
Victor Emanuel Sandburg
9 MAR 18691944
Emma Josephine Sandburg
25 AUG 1873
Charles J Sandburg S17993
29 MAR 1871
Amil Oscar Sandburg
5 MAY 187520 DEC 1944
Christene M. Sandburg S17993
17 APR 18631948
Jonas Peter Sandburg S17993
8 JAN 1865
Edith Louise Sandburg S17993
19 NOV 1866
Albert Luther Sandburg S17993
27 OCT 1877

Other Facts
IMMI 1869 From Sweden to Pennsylvania via New York

Variably called Swan, Swansea, Swanson, or Sven. According to the diary of Charles J. Sandburg, he was a quiet man. He and his wife and family came from Småland, in the southern part of Sweden, where Swan was the only son in a large family. In 1869 they emigrated from Sweden to the United States. The poor in Sweden at that time had it very hard, and the family was forced to leave two of their older children behind because they were unable to pay their fare. The family sailed on April 17 and arrived on May 20. They came to a settlement of Swedish people in Freehold, Warren County, PA. The family was not wealthy, but still they thrived. At home they spoke in Swedish. Swan worked in the lumber woods, and was gone during the week but came home for Sunday. In 1912 Swansea and Karin celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, with 22 of their 32 grandchildren present.

From Swedish Emigration Records 1783-1951 archive call number 1:238:116:

Sven Sandberg
birth year: about 1835
place of Origin: Skede Jönköping Län, Sverige
destination: New York
date: 28 April 1869
port of departure: Göteborg

From Göteborg Sweden passenger lists 1869-1951:
Sven Sandberg, departure 28 April 1869
age: 34
birth place: Jönköpings (Jönköping) Skede
destination: Köpenhamn
ship: Elida

The list also shows:
Maja 32
Christina 6

From Sweden, Births from the Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006:
Sven Magnus Sandberg
born: 15 jul 1838
Ljungarum, Jönköping, Sverige (Sweden)

Is this him? It's four years off, and the wrong day/month too. I don't think so: this Sven seems to have sailed to the US around 1893 and/or 1898, bound for Arizona.

S18207 Biography of the Sandburg Family, Feb 1 1951, by Charles J. Sandburg. Copy in the possession of Stephen Lee Chamberlin
S17993 1900 census