Isaac Cyrus Chamberlin
Born 1 FEB 1828 Rothwell, England S17552
Died 16 MAY 1907 Geneva OH
Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Geneva OH

David Chamberlain
14 APR 180121 DEC 1829
Elizabeth Bollard
18 NOV 179719 DEC 1882

Laura Wiard
28 NOV 18293 FEB 1876
Married 4 MAR 1850 Geneva, OH

Children with Laura Wiard
Frances Anna Chamberlin
14 DEC 185016 JAN 1852
Charles Isaac Chamberlin
12 FEB 185319 JUN 1946
Carey Wiard Chamberlin
19 JUN 185723 AUG 1932
Clarence Chamberlin
14 OCT 185813 SEP 1861
Albert Warner Chamberlin
12 OCT 186220 NOV 1932
Jennie Olive Chamberlin
10 JUL 18642 FEB 1947
Willis Ardin Chamberlin
6 OCT 186813 NOV 1962

Julia E Williams
Married 8 JUN 1876

Children with Julia E Williams
Hervey Walter Chamberlin

Other Facts
Residence 81 Walnut St, Geneva OH

When he was 12 or 13 years old he emigrated to USA via a six week sea voyage, to live with his uncle John H Bollard. He founded a clothing store. Changed name to "Chamberlin" after coming to the U.S. He began working on the farm of Leuel Wiard in 1848 and eventually married his daughter Laura Wiard.

A member of the "Squirrel Hunters" for 3 months during the Civil War. During that time, he was on a gunboat, the New York, patrolling the Ohio River in defense of Cincinnati. He went into the clothing business and established I.C. Chamberlin Clothing (later I.C. Chamberlin & Sons) on N. Broadway in Geneva, opening on 4-1-1864. A new store was built on N. Broadway in 1882, but was largely destroyed by fire in 1892 and had to be completely rebuilt. The building still has the name "Chamberlin" cut into the cowling at the top.

S17552 Rothwell United Reform (Congregationalists) Baptisms & Burials Register 1811-1837