Artemas Rogers
Born 21 AUG 1813 S17810
Died 17 JAN 1882

Samuel Rogers
31 AUG 177919 JAN 1846
Lydia Egleston
5 APR 178517 NOV 1824

Sarah Mandeville Drake
15 JAN 18181900
Married 29 AUG 1849

Children with Sarah Mandeville Drake
Judson Artemas Rogers
2 MAY 185315 MAY 1878
Harriette Anna Rogers
7 MAY 185619 SEP 1933

Other Facts
Education 1842 Colgate University S17996
Residence 1838 Greenwich, NY S17975

His ancestor John Rogers was burned at the stake of February 4 1555 in Smithfield, England by Mary Queen of England.

Note from Stephen L Chamberlin: I haven't been able to find any hard evidence that Artemas Rogers was the son of Samuel Rogers and Lydia Egleston, and some evidence that he was not. Nine other family trees on contain Samuel and Lydia's family - none include Artemas as a child. An excerpt from the diary of their son Thomas S. Rogers mentions five children being born in their first house, then later names five children, and Artemas is not named. However, the nature of the mentions is a bit vague and not a definitive list.

What's certain is that Artemas was from Greenwich NY (per Colgate records), which is where Samuel and Lydia lived. And my grandfather also had a genealogical excerpt of the diary of Thomas S. Rogers in his possession. As Artemas was my grandfather's grandfather, it seems likely he would have known him well enough to know that Thomas S. was indeed his great-uncle and the ancestry is correct.

S17810 Chamberlin family records
S17996 Conversations with Carey J Chamberlin Sr.
S17975 The First Half Century of Madison University (1819-1869): Or The Jubilee... Colgate