William Bell
Born 1745
Died ABT. 1816 S13003

Abigail Kingsbury
ABT. 1750
Married ABT. 1768

Children with Abigail Kingsbury
Bela Bell
177422 APR 1854
John Johnson Bell
William Bell
Samuel Bell
Elias Bell
George Bell

Other Facts
Occupation 1805 Farmer S17562
Occupation 1773 British soldier?
Residence 1805 Shefford, Quebec, Canada S17562
Residence 1790 Arlburg, VT

May have been a British soldier for 29 years-coming to the US about 1773. Living in New Hampshire in 1774. He probably served in the with the British Army in Ireland where his first two known children were born. He and family probably came to Alburg VT shortly after 1790. Shortly after 1792 he followed Capt John Savage from Alburg to Shefford, Quebec. Savage and Bell were LOYALISTS.

William served in John Savage's Company, War of 1812, Canadian Militia. He returned to Alburg VT in his late years and lived with his son, Wm. Jr and family.Tradition says that William Bell Sr. died in Alburg and is buried there in the Bush Cemetery next to his son, William Jr. There is no grave marker. David Bell of Alburg info

Note Mary Munch, Bell relative and researcher, says that some of David Bell's information above may be incorrect, as he has not really carefully proven his conclusions with careful research.

Note from Mary Bell Munch, Jan 29 2007:
In the probate notes of the notary - S. Gale in 1805 there is a conveyance of lease and
release of land dated 6 July 1805 in which William Bell the Elder of
Shefford yeoman and Abigal his wife of the same place and Elias Bell their
son also a yeoman is giving this land to Elias for $15 per annum during the
lives of Wm and Abigal and during the life of the survivor. My date which I
have been using because the museum director in Knowlton, Quebec Canada
thinks his date of death is 1816. There was a William Bell buried in a
cemetery called the Skinner Cemetery which is very near where the Bell
family lived in Potton. We do not have any actual proof - this is just what
the lady at the museum thought.

S13003 Email from Mary Bell Munch (rmunch@mindspring.com) to Stephen Lee Chamberlin, Jan 29 2007
S17562 Probate notes of the notary - S. Gale in 1805, conveyance of lease from William Bell to Elias Bell