Charlotte Chapin Crowninshield
Also Known As Nana
Born 10 MAY 1868
Died 24 MAY 1967

Edward Crowninshield II
18406 FEB 1883
Rebecca Briggs Felton

Edward Cox Browne
20 APR 18531911
Married 30 JUN 1891

Children with Edward Cox Browne
Theodore Crowninshield Browne
17 JUL 189231 JUL 1973
Sarah Eden Browne
31 MAR 189423 FEB 1976
Rebecca Crowninshield Browne
17 MAR 19041990

Other Facts
Residence Salem and Cambridge MA
Residence 1872 Dedham MA
Residence 1879 Belfast ME
Residence 1883 Salem MA
Occupation English and Latin teacher, housewife and mother

Known as "Nana" to her grandchildren. According to her daughter, Sarah Eden Browne, Charlotte was "intellectual but not so well endowed domestically." Prior to her marriage she was a teacher (English history and Latin) and a librarian assistant. In her later years, she was hard of hearing. Her great grandaughter, Katharine Chamberlin, who was born when Charlotte was already 90 yrs. old, found this formidable old lady in her rocking chair and "black snake hearing aid" to be "scary."