Amil Oscar Sandburg
Also Known As Emil Amel
Born 5 MAY 1875 Columbus, Pennsylvania S17993
Died 20 DEC 1944
Buried West Lawn Cemetery, Columbus PA

Sven Sandberg
21 NOV 1834AFT. 1912
Maja Unknown
13 NOV 1836AFT. 1912

Alice Virginia Crosby
7 JUL 1876AFT. 1940
Married 1901

Children with Alice Virginia Crosby
Mildred Josephine Sandburg
2 DEC 1902JUL 1980

Other Facts
Education 8th Grade only
Occupation blacksmith, hardware store owner
Residence 1941 130 Wright St, Corry, PA
Residence 1902 Spring Creek, PA

Sally Bush Bell's "Boppie." When she went barefoot, he would remind her that when he was a little boy, his family couldn't afford shoes for him. His "one toy" was a little ceramic horse. As an adult he was a successful businessman. Indulged his only daughter Mildred. According to the diary of his brother Charles J. Sandburg, after marriage Amil and his wife lived for a time in Spring Creek, PA, before moving to Corry PA where they spent the rest of their days. In his younger days he was a blacksmith. Then he had a Hardware Store and made a successful store keeper, eventually selling the store a short time before his death.

S17993 1900 census