Maja Unknown
Also Known As Maria C Karin, Maja Cathrina
Born 13 NOV 1836 Sweden S18207
Died AFT. 1912 Columbus, PA

Unknown Unknown
EST. 1812

Sven Sandberg
21 NOV 1834AFT. 1912
Married 1862 Alskede Church, Skede, Jönköping Län Småland, Sweden S17993

Children with Sven Sandberg
Victor Emanuel Sandburg
9 MAR 18691944
Emma Josephine Sandburg
25 AUG 1873
Charles J Sandburg S17993
29 MAR 1871
Amil Oscar Sandburg
5 MAY 187520 DEC 1944
Christene M. Sandburg S17993
17 APR 18631948
Jonas Peter Sandburg S17993
8 JAN 1865
Edith Louise Sandburg S17993
19 NOV 1866
Albert Luther Sandburg S17993
27 OCT 1877

In records, called Carrie, Maria C, Maja, and possibly also Maja Katrina. From the biography of her son Charles J. Sandburg, she was a wonderful mother and a good Christian woman, as well as a very good singer. She entertained her children by reading the bible and singing Christian songs and hymns. She maintained a positive attitude through the many trials of her family's immigrant life in the United States. She never learned English very well, but still got along very well with the American people in her community.

S18207 Biography of the Sandburg Family, Feb 1 1951, by Charles J. Sandburg. Copy in the possession of Stephen Lee Chamberlin
S17993 1900 census