Bela Bell Jr. S12323, S12424
Born 24 NOV 1810 Potton Twp, Quebec Canada
Died 19 MAY 1890 Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence County, NY
Buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Heuvelton, St Lawrence, New York

Bela Bell
177422 APR 1854
Priscilla Gilman
177617 NOV 1861

Abby P. Martin S12323, S12424
9 OCT 181821 JAN 1891
Married 17 NOV 1835 Heuvelton, St. Lawrence, New York S12424

Children with Abby P. Martin
George Martin Bell
16 AUG 1850NOV 1923
Lewis Theron Bell
21 JAN 185619 FEB 1914
Frank Leslie Bell S13003
7 DEC 186225 JUL 1925
James B. Bell
21 OCT 1852SEP 1925
Mary E. Bell
30 AUG 183920 AUG 1860
Sarah J. Bell
16 JUN 184121 MAR 1897
William Henry Bell
11 FEB 18431 MAY 1905
Susan Arvilla Bell
14 SEP 184420 FEB 1920
Charles D. Bell
24 AUG 1849
Ettie Bell
11 JUL 186422 AUG 1864
Jennie E. Bell adopted
28 DEC 1866

Other Facts
Occupation farmer

1880 Census says Bela was born in Vermont, both parents born in Vermont, wife Abby was born in Canada, both parents born in Vermont.
1870 Census says "Bela Ball" was born in Canada, both parents of foreign birth, wife "Abbey" was also born in Canada, both parents of foreign birth.

1st member of Bell family came from Glasgow, Scotland to fight in War of 1812. Was given a land grant in Number Four, Canada.

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