Sarah Josephine Ladd S13037
Born 13 JAN 1855
Died AFT. 1935

Joshua Ladd S13037
7 JAN 181721 NOV 1890
Lydia Cobbs S13037
6 NOV 18263 APR 1898

Stephen Lee Crosby
18 APR 18506 JUL 1927
Married 15 SEP 1875

Children with Stephen Lee Crosby
Walter Cadis Crosby S17685
3 MAY 1880
Alice Virginia Crosby
7 JUL 1876AFT. 1940

Other Facts
Residence 1930 Corry, Erie, PA S17694

Had childhood memory of someone riding through town with the word that President Lincoln had been shot. Extant photograph with her great grand-daughter, Sally Bush Bell.

From William Ladd, distant relative discovered via

Sarah J, "Aunt Sally", was a pretty, slender lady with twinkling gray eyes, a comfortable sense of humor, and a special warmth. She was Joshua and Lydia's fourth child, born in January 1855. She married Lee S. Crosby in 1875. Lee was a mail carrier in Corry, PA. Lee and Sally were a striking couple with their regal posture and neat appearance. Lee and Sally had three children, Elizabeth, Alice V, and Walter Cadis. From Elisabeth Ladd Grey's history, we know that Lee and Sally celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Sally enjoyed family gatherings, nice dresses, and "Lilly of the Valley" cologne.

S13037 Ladd family bible, in the possession of Sally Bush Bell
S17685 World War I Draft Registration Card
S17694 1930 Census