Sarah Eden Browne
Also Known As Sally Garna
Born 31 MAR 1894 Salem MA
Died 23 FEB 1976
Buried Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA

Edward Cox Browne
20 APR 18531911
Charlotte Chapin Crowninshield
10 MAY 186824 MAY 1967

Carey Judson Chamberlin
26 FEB 18923 NOV 1985
Married 1 DEC 1917 North Church, Salem MA

Children with Carey Judson Chamberlin
Harrie Rogers Chamberlin
13 JUN 192031 AUG 1998
S Chamberlin
ABT. 1924
Elizabeth Chamberlin
23 FEB 19272001
Carey Judson Chamberlin Jr.
4 JUL 19295 APR 1982

Other Facts
Residence 1976 29 Woodbine Rd. Belmont MA
Education 1916 Radcliffe College
Occupation Housewife/volunteer

Intellectual. Somewhat reserved. Special love for out-of-doors, horticulture, and conservation. Always had suet and seeds outside for the birds. Had a summer home in NH. One year she gave her grandchildren, in lieu of Christmas presents, certificates for "protein soup" sent to hungry children. Prepared extensive family tree data in three black books.