Family Historical Chronicles

Builders: Record of a Family of the Western Reserve. A book written by "Uncle Willis" (brother of Carey Wiard Chamberlin) about early Chamberlin family history.

Carey J Chamberlin Jr's letters, 1953-1956, describing his experiences in the Korean War, at Harvard Business School, and plans for his wedding to Sally Bush Bell.

Carey J Chamberlin Jr's 1955 western trip journal, describing his cross-country drive with friend Rodney, and summer spent searching for work in San Francisco.

A history of the Crowninshield family, by Charlotte Chapin (Crowninshield) Browne ("Nana").

A history of the Browne and Cox families, by Charlotte Chapin (Crowninshield) Browne ("Nana").

A personal history of the life of Sarah Eden (Browne) Chamberlin ("Garna").

Reminiscences of the childhood of Rebecca Crowninshield (Browne) Bradford ("Aunt Pat"), in an 80 minute conversation with Harrie Rogers Chamberlin. Both the audio recording and a text transcription.

A biography of the Sandburg family, written in 1951 by Charles J. Sandburg, describing the experiences of this Swedish immigrant family.

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