Reminiscences of Childhood

Recorded by Rebecca Crowninshield (Browne) Bradford (1904-1990), in conversation with Harrie Rogers Chamberlin (1920-1998)
September 18, 1989

Audio tape, side 1

Audio tape, side 2

The original tape included this note inside:

Copies of this tape, recorded on both sides, are being sent to all children and grandchildren of the three siblings brought up at 40 Summer St. in Salem: Theodore Cox Browne (Ted, 1892-1973); Sarah Eden Browne (Sally, later Sarah Eden Chamberlin, 1894-1976); and Rebecca Crowninshield Browne (Pat, later Rebecca C. Bradford 1904-1990). It joins the many family letters and journals that provide a glimpse of an important part of the ancestry of us all. Hopefully they will be preserved for later generations.

More complete identification of some of those mentioned follows:

"Katharine Putnam" (or "Kitty Putnam"), later Morrish (b.1902), daughter of "Aunt Rebecca", Rebecca (Crowninshield) Putnam (1875-1961), fourth of the five surviving Crowninshield sisters (there was a sixth, Ann, 1863-65)

"Mother", Charlotte (Crowninshield) Browne (1868-1967), second of the five Crowninshield sisters and mother of Theodore, Sarah, and Rebecca

"Father", Edward Cox Browne (1853-1911), Charlotte's ("Nana's") husband

"Uncle Albert", Albert Gallatin Browne, Jr. (1835-1891), Edward's brother

"Aunt Nellie", Sarah Ellen Browne (1841-1864), Edward's sister

"Aunt Mary", Mary Bell Crowninshield (1871-1943), third Crowninshield sister

"Aunt Margaret", Margaret (Crowninshield) Kent (1882-1966), the youngest Crowninshield sister; married Norton Kent (“Uncle Norton”)

"Aunt Edith", Edith (Crowninshield) Perkins (1862-1946), oldest Crowninshield sister

"Uncle Charles", Charles Perkins (1862-1942), Edith's husband

"Aunt Alice", Alice Browne (1843-1912), Edward's sister

"Cousin Catherine Perkins", later Catherine Easton (b. 1898), daughter of Charles and Edith Perkins

"Uncle Alfred", Alfred W. Putnam (1870-1951), husband of Rebecca (Crowninshield) Putnam and father of Katharine (“Kitty”) Putnam

"Cousin Bun", Alfred P. Putnam (b. 1906), son of Rebecca and Alfred W. Putnam

"Carey Chamberlin" (1892-1985), later husband of Sarah ("Sally") Eden Browne

"Uncle Frank Cox", Francis Cox (1823-1901), brother of Sarah Smith Cox (1810-1885) who married Albert Gallatin Browne, Sr. (1805-1885), the grandparents of Theodore, Sarah, and Rebecca

"Uncle Doctor", Benjamin Cox (d. 1871), another brother of Sarah Smith Cox Susan (Daland) Cox (1832-1896), second wife of Dr. Benjamin Cox

"Ben" and "Sally" Cox, children of Dr. Benjamin Cox and Susan Cox

Dr. Edward H. Bradford (1848-1925), orthopedic surgeon and Dean of the Harvard Medical School. His son, Robert F. Bradford (1902-1983) became Governor of Massachusetts (1946-1948), having married Rebecca Crowninshield Browne (interviewed on this tape) in 1926.

"The Scotts", Albert and Alice (Chamberlin) Scott, the latter Carey Chamberlin's first cousin

“Harrie and Elizabeth Chamberlin” (1879-1918 and 1883-1971), Carey Chamberlin’s brother and sister-in-law

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