Theodore Crowninshield Browne
Also Known As Ted
Born 17 JUL 1892
Died 31 JUL 1973

Edward Cox Browne
20 APR 18531911
Charlotte Chapin Crowninshield
10 MAY 186824 MAY 1967

Alice Towne Billings
24 DEC 18931 MAR 1985
Married 29 MAY 1918

Children with Alice Towne Billings
E Browne
ABT. 1920
F Browne
ABT. 1920
Sarah Eden Browne
18 JAN 192523 FEB 1997

Greased the rails of a trolley car line, midway up a hill, so the trolley car couldn't make it up. Put a dummy beside the tracks, tied to a rope hanging from a tree, to fool the coachman into stopping to pick up the "passenger". When the trolley car stopped, he yanked the dummy into the tree to make him disappear.