Stephen Lee Chamberlin

Born 1970, Detroit MI -
Stephen is the author of the Chamberlin genealogy web site. He works in the video game industry, and lives near San Francisco, CA with his wife and two daughters.

Carey Judson Chamberlin Jr.

Born 1929, Cambridge MA - died 1982, Pittsford NY
Carey was a graduate of Harvard and the Harvard Business School. He was a quick-witted man who loved to tease and joke with his children. Enjoyed hiking and the outdoors. Fought in the Korean War. Worked for many years for the Burroughs Corporation, which transfered him and his family back and forth between Rochester NY and Detroit MI. Was corporate comptroller late in his career. Succombed to cancer at age 52.

Carey Judson Chamberlin Sr.

Born 1892, Denver CO - died 1985, Belmont MA
B.A. Magna cum laude, Harvard Univ. 1913. Phi Beta Kappa. M.A. Columbia University 1917 & Union Theological Seminary 1917 Met wife Sarah Eden Browne on 22-FEB-1914 at American Church in Berlin Germany. Devoted to his wife, suffered at her death. He was an intellectual, committed to learning. Maintained an involvement with Harvard until his death. All visiting family & guests got a tour of Harvard. A strict authoritarian father who softened as he aged.

Carey was commissioned a first lieutenant of field artillery in the U.S. Army during World War I. The war ended before he was shipped out and at that time he was serving as an instructor in gunnery and service firing at the Field Artillery Centre at Camp McClellan. After the war, he joined Lockwood, Greene & Co., Engineers in their Montreal office. In 1922, he entered the bond business with the Old Colony Corporation (later, The First Boston Corporation). He next went to work as an associate with Townsend, Anthony & Tyson, a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange. In 1942 he returned to investment banking in the Boston office of Blyth & Company until his retirement at the end of 1961. He and his wife spent their summers at Chocorua, Carroll County, New Hampshire.

Carey Wiard Chamberlin

Born 1857, Geneva OH - died 1932, Beverly MA
Served for 25 yrs as pastor of 1st Baptist Church in Beverly MA. Travelled to China & Japan for Baptist missions. His death was due to complications from surgery for appendicitis.

Carey and Hattie lived on Park Street at Main Street and later at 17 Prospect in Ashtabula where he had a successful shoe store for 13 years. After the death of his daughter in 1888, and due to Carey's poor health, they moved to Denver, Colorado.

Carey was Assistant Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Denver (lived at 1833 Stout Street), Assistant Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Boston (lived at 90 & 92 Huntington Avenue), Pastor of the Baptist Church of Hudson, Massachusetts (lived on Church Street), Pastor of the Dorchester Temple at Boston (1896-1901) [lived at 17 Harley Street and 70 Welles Avenue], Pastor of the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church at Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio (lived at 2022 Collingwood Avenue) and Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts (1906-1931) [lived at 73 Lathrop Street and then 53 Lathrop Street]. He received a Doctor of Divinity from Colby College.

Carey retired in 1931. He died of appendicitis on 8-23-1932 in the Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts and was buried on 8-26 in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio. Hattie died of a stroke on 9-19-1933, in Beverly and was also buried in Painesville.

Isaac Cyrus Chamberlin

Born 1828, Rothwell England - died 1907, Geneva OH
After the early death of his father, when he was 13 years old, Isaac emigrated to the USA via a six week sea voyage. He went to live with his uncle John H Bollard in Ohio. He founded a clothing store. Changed name to "Chamberlin" after coming to the U.S. He began working on the farm of Leuel Wiard in 1848 and eventually married his daughter Laura Wiard.

A member of the "Squirrel Hunters" for 3 months during the Civil War. During that time, he was on a gunboat, the New York, patrolling the Ohio River in defense of Cincinnati. He went into the clothing business and established I.C. Chamberlin Clothing (later I.C. Chamberlin & Sons) on N. Broadway in Geneva, opening on 4-1-1864. A new store was built on N. Broadway in 1882, but was largely destroyed by fire in 1892 and had to be completely rebuilt. The building still has the name "Chamberlin" cut into the cowling at the top.

David Chamberlain

Born 1801, Rothwell England - died 1829, Rothwell England
Little is known about David. Accounts say he was of an earnest, reflective nature. He was a working-man, probably a member of the boot and shoe industry, which is even today the main part of the town’s activity. David died at the age of 29. The cause of his early death is not now known. He was buried on Christmas Day, 1829, in the Rothwell cemetery.

There is some uncertainty about how David spelled his last name. In an 1811 schoolbook, he wrote his name as "Chamberlin", but when he later married, his wife was listed as "Elizabeth Chamberlain" in the church book.

John Chamberlayne

Born about 1766-1776, Northamptonshire County England - died 1845, Rothwell England
John and his wife Alice were married October 30, 1797 in Rothwell, and are buried in the Congregational Burial Ground. Their gravestone clearly spells the name as "Chamberlayne", a spelling also shown on the nearby gravestone of their oldest son Samuel, but other vital records show it as "Chamberlain." The gravestone is difficult to read, but appears to show a date of death for John of March 25, 1845. The age at death is difficult to read, but is reportedly 79 according to distant cousin Don Bollard. That would put his birth year about 1766, with an age of 31 at the time of his wedding.

An 1919 family tree by Alfred Chamberlain of Rothwell says that John was "From Overstone (near?) Northampton, died March 21 1845 buried Congregational Burying Ground, Rothwell". This matches with the information from the gravestone, save for a few days' discrepancy in the date.

The 1841 census shows John (a "shoeman") and Alice, both 65, living in Rothwell with son Samuel (40), daughter-in-law Alice (45), granddaughters Ann (15), Clara (11). That would put his birth year at about 1776, and an age of 21 at the time of his wedding, which seems more plausible than 31. However, an 1845 death certificate shows John Chamberlain died March 24 1845, age 79, a weaver. This contradicts the occupation and age of John as determined by the census. It may be there were two John Chamberlains in Rothwell at the time, or else some data is incorrect.

John Chamberlayne is the last Chamberlin ancestor whose existence and relation is directly supported by family information.

Samuel Chamberlain

Born c. 1746 - died 1772, Moulton England
Here we enter the realm of well-supported guesses rather than certain facts. Working backward, extensive research by a hired genealogist revealed only two John Chamberlains in the area surrounding Rothwell born during the 1766-1776 period. John #1 was baptised in 1771 in Moulton, a town only about a mile from Overstone. This John's father died in 1772, which might explain how his family came to relocate to Rothwell. John #2 was baptised in 1776 in Pitsfield, about three miles from Overstone. He was the oldest of six children, with the youngest being born in 1791, and it appears that that family remained in Pitsfield. John #1's father is described as being from Overstone in his marriage registration. Furthermore, distant cousin Don Bollard has mentioned a settlement certificate dated October 19, 1771 showing John #1's parents relocating from Overstone to Moulton, although the genealogist was unable to confirm this. Based upon this evidence, it appears very likely that John #1 of Moulton is the family ancestor. According to baptism records, his parents were Samuel and Jane Chamberlain, with their last name spelled as such on baptismal and marriage records.

Samuel Chamberlain and Jane Linnell were married July 1, 1771 in the parish of Poddington, Bedfordshire, about 10 miles away. The marriage is referenced in the registers of St. Seplechre Northampton as well. Their son John was baptised on November 11 of the same year. Moulton parish records show that Samuel drowned and was buried June 19, 1772. Perhaps Jane and her infant son then relocated to Rothwell, some 15 miles away, to be closer to other relatives. Or perhaps they remained in Moulton, and John went to Rothwell as an adult when he married.

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