Stephen Chapman Felton
Born EST. 1828 Marblehead, MA

John Alvin Felton
Died BEF. 1868
Elizabeth Chapman

Other Facts
Occupation Town clerk

Badly wounded in the leg in the Civil War. Always used a cane.

Mother had a brother whom I liked but avoided because he swore on occasions. This was foolish on my part, but I was young and sensitive. Finally one day he swore in front of one of my friends. I complained to Mother and after that shunned him. His swearing was harmless, never vicious. I wish that I had understood. He had been a soldier in the Civil War and had been badly wounded in the leg. His father went south in time to prevent an amputation by the argument that a man with two legs could serve his country better than a man with only one. The leg was saved but Uncle Stephen always walked with a cane. I never knew the time when he was not Town Clerk. I remember large garden of flowers, and below it were terraces of grapevines and fruit trees. His father, the Spanish emigre, had laid out the garden. This uncle was named Stephen Chapman Felton. -- Charlotte Chapin Crowninshield