Sarah Ellen Browne
Also Known As Nellie
Born 9 JUL 1841
Died 2 JUN 1864

Albert Gallatin Browne
8 DEC 18059 OCT 1885
Sarah Smith Cox
27 NOV 181028 OCT 1885

Sarah Eden Browne (Chamberlin) [274], her niece, complied her letters from Agassiz's School for Girls in Cambridge to her mother: 1856-1859. During 1864, Nellie (& the rest of her family) travelled to Beaufort SC to join her father. She helped nur se wounded soldiers at a military hospital. She contracted typhoid fever & died that same year. Within 6 mos. her fiance, Col. Louis Ledyard Weld (Yale class 1854), died of wounds received in the battle of Peterburg.