Robert Henry Tebbutt
Also Known As Harry
Born 1900
Died 7 NOV 1967
Buried military cemetary, Auckland, New Zealand

Frank Tebbutt
EST. 1876
Annie Unknown
EST. 1876

Constance Chamberlain
189326 SEP 1975
Married JUN 1940 Kettering, England

Other Facts
Residence New Zealand

During World War I, Harry, who was then only 15, enlisted and when he was 17, sailed to France. He was invalided during a gas attack in the trenches and spent some time in Lymington Hospital and at the Manor House in Desborough (where he met Connie, a VAD nurse) before returning to New Zealand. In May, 1940, Harry sailed for the Middle East on board the Aquitania and was evacuated to Britain after Dunkirk where, on his first leave, he married Miss Chamberlain by special licence. They had no children. Harry, a retired farmer, died on 11-7-1967 in Kettering General Hospital while visiting relations (staying with his sister, Maude, at the time) on a world tour. His ashes were buried in the military cemetery in Auckland, New Zealand. Connie died on 9-26-1975 in Mount Roskill in Auckland and was buried there.