John Bush S11559
Born 20 JAN 1592/93 Of Messing, Essex, England S10100, S11559
Died 1670 Cape Porpoise, York Co., Maine S10100, S11559

Reynold Bush S11559
Isabella Hall S11559

Grace Saunders S11559
Married NOV S10096, S11559

Children with Grace Saunders
George Bush S10096, S11559
EST. 1648
James Bush S10096, S11559
EST. 1648
John Bush S10096, S11559
EST. 1648
Debora Bush S10096, S11559
EST. 1648
Samuel Bush S10096, S10104, S10107, S11559
16477 MAY 1733
Jonathan Bush
165015 FEB 1738/39
Edward Bush

Other Facts
LDS Baptized 18 APR 1927 S10100, S11559
LDS Endowed 16 SEP 1927 S10100, S11559
IMMI 1635 From London England in the "Alexander" to Boston, 1635


[bush 3.FTW]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

On page 98 of the Supplement and Index, the additional children of John are
Daniel, b. 8 Nov 1659; Elizabeth, b. 14 Aug 1657; Joseph, b. 16 Aug 1654;
Mary, b. 17 Nov 1662. Elizabeth, the wife of John, d. 1 Jan 1663.

according to Torrey John Bush d. before 1663 he married Eliz. who m. 2nd
Robert Mann

3392. John Bush, born 1612 in London, England; died November 01, 1662 in Cambridge,
Mass.. He married 3393. Elizabeth Bush.
3393. Elizabeth Bush.

1634 to Watertown, Mass
1654 to Cambridge, Mass

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S10104 LDS Church, Family Group Record-Ancestral File
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