Johannes Woolfang S9756
Also Known As Johannes Wildfang
Born ABT. 1695 Bohemia S9756
Died ABT. 1769 Pennsylvania S9756

Elizabeth Unknown S9756
ABT. 1700

Children with Elizabeth Unknown
Georg Michael Wildfang S9756
ABT. 172524 MAY 1808
Sebastian Wildfang S9756
16 NOV 173228 MAR 1799
Jacob Wildfang S9756
AFT. 1734
David Wildfang S9756
AFT. 1734
Peter Wildfang S9756
AFT. 1734

Other Facts
EMIG 1734 Sailed from Rotterdam to Philadelphia on the English ship St. Andrew S9756
RELI Moravian S9756


Source: "The History of the Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by Starssburger and Hinke cited by Gail Breitbard of Miami, Florida in research notes dated 1967.

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