Johann Kasper Richter von Kronenscheldt
Born 1644 Leipzig
Died 19 DEC 1711

Johann Kaspar Richter
EST. 1620
Maria Hahn
EST. 1620

Elizabeth Allen
EST. 1672
Married 4 DEC 1694

Children with Elizabeth Allen
John Crowninshield
19 JAN 1696/97
Clifford Crowninshield
10 DEC 16994 APR 1776
Elizabeth Crowninshield
3 JUN 1704
Mary Crowninshield
2 JUL 1706
Richard Crowninshield
28 DEC 1708

Other Facts
Residence Leipzig Germany, Peabody MA
Occupation physician, surgeon

Baptized 22-JUN-1661 as "Johann Kaspar Richter." The "von Kroninschielt" was added later. JKR was a "natural son" of his father while the latter was a student. JKR accidentally killed a person in Germany during a fray. Emigrated from Leipzig to America, Boston area, about 1694. Later settled near Browne-Bartholomew Ponds in what is now Peabody MA. See SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS: "The Family of Clifford Crowninshield of Salem MA"