Helen Crosby
Born 24 AUG 1910 Jamestown NY S18274
Died ABT. 1995

Walter Cadis Crosby S17685
3 MAY 1880
Anna Bell M.
ABT. 1880

Other Facts
Residence 1940 409 W 6th St, Jamestown, NY S17709
Occupation 1940 Stenographer S17709

Sisters Marion and Helen never married, spending their lives in the house in Jamestown where they grew up. When they grew old, their closest living relative was their cousin Mildred's daughter, Sally (Bell) Chamberlin, and Sally and her family occasionally visited the pair in Jamestown or in nearby Chautauqua NY. Upon their deaths, many of their family photographs and other possessions passed to Sally.

S18274 U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
S17685 World War I Draft Registration Card
S17709 1940 census