Clifford Chamberlain
Born 20 MAY 1903 Rothwell, England
Died 1969 Kettering, England

Carey William Chamberlain
5 DEC 186414 FEB 1941
Mary Ann Sarjeant
6 MAR 18667 APR 1939

Eva Dorothy Curtis

Children with Eva Dorothy Curtis
Dorothy Anne Chamberlain
30 MAR 192718 MAR 1998
J Chamberlain
ABT. 1932
Edward Neil Chamberlain
1 JAN 1938ABT. 1992

Louise Unknown
EST. 1903

Clifford was the founder of Chamberlain's radio and television shops in Desborough and Corby and the first person in Desborough to have television. He opened his first shop in Gold Street, Desborough, on premises which he had used as a garage and a boot and shoe factory which he had inherited from his father. His interest in radio and television began when he had the garage and he made radios in his spare time. Clifford died, a resident of 70 Kingsley Avenue, Kettering, on 6-19-1969 at Kettering General Hospital and was cremated at the Kettering Crematorium. He had lived for 12 years in Roswen, Harrington Road in Desborough and then moved to the Manor House in Desborough (when he retired in 1966) and for the last four years of his life at Kettering.

According to his grandson David Buckerfield, there is a photo of Clifford and the King of England "walking together quite alone down a street having a chat."