Ann Unknown
Born ABT. 1620
Died 26 APR 1708

John Devereaux
ABT. 16151694

Children with John Devereaux
Robert Devereaux
Died BEF. 17 DEC 1740
John Devereaux
Died BEF. 4 SEP 1693
Hannah Devereaux
EST. 1650
Ann Devereaux
ABT. 1647
Bethiah Devereaux
ABT. 164922 APR 1718
Humphrey Devereaux
ABT. 165531 JAN 1689/90
Emme Devereaux
ABT. 165717 JUN 1737

A capable woman who not only ran her home & reared her family, but in boarders & assisted her husband in his business transactions by weighing & keeping account of the catch. She was frequently called to testify in court &, once, ha d the temerity to call John Peach (her son-in-law's father) a "wittall."