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The photos are organized into four groups, one for each of my grandparents' families.

Chamberlin Family
Bell Family
Browne Family
Sandburg Family

Chamberlin Family

Carey J. Chamberlin Sr. and Sarah Eden Chamberlin, 50th anniversary - Wayside Inn - 1967

Alice Chamberlin - born 1881

Sally Chamberlin - born 1924

Carey J Chamberlin Jr and daughter Kathy - Rochester - 1958

Carey J Chamberlin Jr - born 1929

Carey J Chamberlin Jr

Carey J Chamberlin Sr - born 1892

Carey J Chamberlin Sr

Carey J Chamberlin Sr

Carey Jr and Sr - Belmont - 1978

Carey W Chamberlin (father of Carey J Sr) and brothers, about 1895

Carey W Chamberlin, Harriette Rogers wedding invitation

Carey W Chamberlin, Harriette Rogers

Chamberlin family Christmas card - 1934

Elizabeth Chamberlin - born 1927

Chamberlin Family Reunion - Sheffield - 1995

Harrie Chamberlin - born 1920, Sarah (Sally) Chamberlin

Harriette Rogers and parents

Jennie O Chamberlin - born 1864, sister of Carey W

Isaac Chamberlin (born 1828, father of Carey W), and Laura Wiard

Carey J Chamberlin Jr and Sally Bell

Sally Chamberlin - born 1924

Stephen Lee Chamberlin - born 1970

Stephen Lee Chamberlin

Stephen Lee Chamberlin

Stephen and Danielle's Wedding

Stephen and Danielle's Wedding

Three different Sarah Eden Chamberlins

Dorothy Anne Chamberlain

Wiard family homestead

David Chamberlain (Chamberlayne? father of Isaac) gravestone, 1801-1829

John (born c. 1773, father of David) and Alice Chamberlayne gravestone, oldest known Chamberlin ancestors

Samuel (born 1798, oldest child of John and Alice), and Alice Chamberlayne gravestone

Daniel Bollard Chamberlain (born 1826, brother of Isaac) memorial

Bell Family

Joshua Bush - born 1789

Bela Bell commission

Bela Bell commission legend

Bela Bell Jr family

Bela Bell Jr home

George Martin Bell, age 14

Ethel Wiltfong, Leslie Bell, Emma Jennie Garlick, George Martin Bell

Leslie Bell, (Dorothy Bell), (unknown), (Grandma Gertrude)

William Garlick

Robert and Dorothy Bell, Ethel Wiltfong

Robert Bell, Leslie Bell, Emma Garlick, William Garlick

Robert Earle Bell

Sally Bush Bell

Browne Family

Charlotte Crowninshield and sisters

Charlotte Chapin Crowninshield (Nana)

Sarah Eden Browne, Ted Browne, Rebecca Browne

Sarah Eden Browne

Sarah Eden Browne

Sandburg Family

Stephen Lee Crosby and Sarah Ladd marriage certificate

Stephen Lee Crosby, Sarah Ladd

Warren Ladd, Sarah Ladd, Howard Ladd

Amil Oscar Sandburg

Amil Sandburg, possibly with Charles and Dexter Sandburg

Mildred Sandburg, Sarah Ladd

Helen Crosby, Marion Crosby, Mildred Sandburg, Alice V Crosby, Anna Bell M___, Walter C Crosby

Sally Bush Bell, Mildred Sandburg, Alice Crosby, Sarah Ladd

Mildred Sandburg, Sally Bell

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